Terror in Resonance- an Analysis on Five


I thought I’d do an analysis on the show’s most divisive character. Keep in mind that I believe that Zankyou no Terror is about outcasts connecting with each other, so a great deal of my analysis is based on that.

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Zayn dancing to MmmBop - 23/9

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When herpetologists speak of giant snakes they mean the “ big six”: South America’s green anaconda and common boa, Asia’s reticulated python and Burmese python, the African rock python, and Australia’s amethystine python. Most sources cite the reticulated python as the earth’s longest snake, although reports of its maximum size disagree.

A specimen 32 ft., 9 in. long was reportedly killed on the island of Celebes (now Sulawesi) in 1912, but no proof exists. Likewise, the slaying of a 37.5-ft. anaconda in 1944 remains unproved, since the dead snake revived and escaped. A reward of $50,000 offered by the Wildlife Conservation Society for the first live capture of a snake measuring 30 ft. or longer has yet to be claimed. Meanwhile, reports of truly giant snakes continue ro be made around the world.

• Explorer Percy Fawcett killed a 62-ft. anaconda on the Rio Negro in 1907 and reported the slaying of another more than 80 ft. long on the Rio Paraguay.

(Top Photo: Brazilian soldiers battle a giant anaconda. Credit: William Rebsamen)

• Another Amazon explorer, Algot Lange, shot two anacondas in 1910, reporting that one measured 54 ft. and the other 52 ft., 8 in.

• A Brazilian priest, Fr. Victor Heinz, saw three huge snakes on the Amazon River during 1929 – 30. He claimed the first was more than 80 ft. long. Heinz said another specimen’s eyes were “as large as plates.”

• In 1933, members of the Brazil-Colombia Boundary Commission allegedly killed
an anaconda 97 ft., 6 in. long but subsequently lost their photos of the monster.

• Also in 1933, Congo tribesmen reportedly killed a 130-ft. python, then cooked and ate it before authorities could measure the reptile.

• Brazilian soldiers killed a 75-ft. anaconda in April 1947 and published its photo
in local newspapers.

• Two more Brazilian monsters, both killed in 1948, reportedly measured 130 ft. and
114 ft. The larger one was photographed, but the photo provides no objects from
which to gauge size.

• In 1959, Belgian helicopter pilot Remy Van Lierde photographed a snake 40 – 50 ft. long in the Congo, but, again, the photo includes no details to provide a sense of scale.

• In February 1969, newspapers announced Italian zoologist Bruno Falcci’s search for an anaconda “ more than 100 ft. long and at least a yard wide,” but the snake eluded him.

• Reports from Peru described the rampage of a 130-ft. serpent that destroyed a native village in August 1997.

No snake native to North America officially reaches 10 ft. in length, yet numerous reports of larger snakes have been recorded from Colonial times to the present.

Author Chad Arment lists 211 American encounters with snakes 10 – 40 ft. long reported between 1715 and 1960. In 88 of those cases, the snakes were supposedly captured or killed, but none was preserved.

Among the more surprising cases we find:

• Giant rattlesnakes. The largest known rattlesnake species on earth, the eastern diamondback, claims a record length of 8 ft., 3 in., but huge rattlers were reportedly killed nationwide throughout the 19th century. Examples include a 20-ft. specimen from Harlan County, Kentucky (1857), a 17-ft. rattler from Medina County, Texas (1858), a snake 21 ft., 6 in. long at Danville, Illinois (1859), an 18-ft. specimen from Eufala, Oklahoma (1877), another 18-ft. rattler at Fort Drum, Florida (1878), a specimen 14 ft., 9 in. long in Dooly County, Georgia (1878), a rattler 14 ft., 3 in. long from Arizona’s White Mountains (1879), a 17-ft. snake at Salina, Utah (1893), and a 20-ft. rattler at Anderson, Indiana (1897).

•1 8 4 3 : A dark green snake with black spots, measuring 14 ft., 8 in. long, was killed at North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

•1 8 7 1 : Residents of Fredonia, Kansas caught a blue-black snake with yellow spots that measured 37 ft., 9 in.

•1 8 7 2 : A snake 20 ft., 3 in. long was killed at Loudonville, Ohio.

•1 8 7 8 : An unknown greenish-colored snake, 31 ft. long, was killed near Antioch,

•1 8 7 8 : A farmer at Quapaw Bayou, Louisiana killed a 31-ft. snake that tried to eat one of his calves.

Source: “Hidden Animals” by Michael Newton

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my worst fear is looking bad in a photo with a celebrity

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The Horrid, The Homies and the Hoes 

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Anxiety is like perpetually hearing the boss/enemy music but never seeing the threat.

This is the best description I’ve ever heard.

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